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The Wicked Game Wand from So Divine; A Review by Pip

by Lucy SEO 07 Apr 2022 1 comment

As Fantastic Beasts, the Secrets of Dumbledore hits the big screens, I though I would look at a mind-boggling double ended wand, that will put a better spell on you than any Elder Wand!

A first look told me the Wicked Game Wand was something to behold, and enough to make me like it as it is not the normal wand. First and foremost; its fully silicone. Add to that a curved handle, and its PURPLE! I know purple isn’t everyone muggles cup of tea, but this is a nice rich purple, and I like it!

On close inspection I realised it wasn’t just a handle, but an insertable g-spot/prostate vibrator. It’s not a heavy wand either, which was great when the handle was inserted, as it wasn’t weighted down by the wand head. I know some wand heads can be really heavy, so this was another bonus to the Wicked Game. The design makes it easy to insert easier, and let’s face it, you wouldn’t want a heavy head when the handle is inside pulling the toy in the wrong direction. Definitely a #WinWin for me.

This Magic Wand from So Divine measures just over 24cm in total length and with two motors I wanted to see what magic I could perform with it!


Boxed in a strong cardboard box (great to recycle) and wrapped in cellophane it’s a good-looking box with a good design and clear details and instructions about the toy, its power and how its charged, and most importantly how you work it!

It also advised that you can’t work both motors at the same time, but trust me when I say you can flip between one and the other very (W)easily!

Lifting the lid, you are met with the wand and its contents, which had a nice little surprise to it!

Not only do you get a magnetic USB charging cable, but they also include a USB adaptor plug, which I thought a nice touch. I know most smartphones have USB plugs with them, but its always handy to have a spare when you need to charge your toys!

The charger attached to the body of the wand below the head and charges easily.

Along with the charger and wand is a little leaflet with advice on the care of your Wicked Game wand, as well as a nice little bag for storage.

Using the Wand

Turning on is easy! Simply hold the middle button for a few seconds until you get the power light, then just decide which end you want to use, and press the arrow shaped button, shaped like a triangle, on the side you desire, and hey presto, it’s vibrating!

Hit the button again and it changes the speed, with each press working through the three speeds and seven functions. The speed and functions are the same on either end, and I found the power to be quite remarkable.

If you want to go from outer to inner, or the other way round, it’s as simple as pressing the other arrow, and the second motor kicks in, stopping the one in use. Easy!

Turning off is a doddle to, just hold the middle button for a couple of seconds again and it will power down!

What So Divine Say:

  •  “Ultra quiet but powerful” : Not arguing with this one, its definitely quiet, and the power was on par with the best of them.
  • “100% waterproof” : I love sealed silicone toys, and this is a fine example. Cleaning for the first time, I had it in the sink with some warm soapy water, completely submerged, and the same after use, and I have no issue with it. I would say, after the soap and water, I did give it an anti-bacterial toy cleaner spray, which is always wise for your toys!
  • “USB Rechargeable & Cordless, Lasts Up To 2 Hours” : Ok so I haven’t had it on constant foe two hours, but I had a good play around with it before I decided to have fun, and have used it a few times now, and still not had to plug it in for a power boost, so im not going to argue with this either! 
  • “10 Powerful Settings, 3 Speeds, 7 Functions” : Yes, yes and yes! Great selection of patterns and the three speeds suited both my from self and the partner, and its so simple to work your way through them!
  • “Dual Motor For Extra Pleasure” : Ah, the joy of dual! Swapping from head to shaft is simple, and as both motors carry the same speeds and patterns, you know where to go to get off!
  • “Premium Silky Soft Silicone Surface” : Another tick! The silicone used is the really noce soft touch silicone, which doesn’t pick up dust. It is super tactile and a delight to hold!
  • “Latex & Phthalate Free” : And so all toys should be! Another joy of silicone! Lets face it boys and girls, we really don’t want to put anything into our body that’s not body safe, and silicone is one of the best materials for this
  •  “2 Year So-Divine Warranty” : Fantastic! Shows So Divine have confidence in their product!

A Brief Conclusion:

I really like this wand, I loved the variety of vibes and speeds, and it was great for both me and the other half. I’m a speed demon, and the full power of the third constant was just “Divine” for me, and the curve on the inner managed to hit the spot every time! The other half however has really sensitive nipples, so the head on the patterns just drove him wild, and it was so much fun moving the wand around and teasing the body in so many places.

The really cool thing is which ever end you are using, its easy to hold. With the “handle” inserted you have the wand head to grip on, and if you’re using the head the curve in the handle is perfect to help get to the parts other wands can’t reach!

In conclusion, the So Divine Wicked Game is a very welcome addition to the toy box, and is my go-to toy of choice at the moment, well until I find something new! Oh, and it knocks spots off of my Elder Wand!

Accio Wicked Game Wand!

Love Pip x

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1 comment

11 May 2022 DonnaW

agree! a fantastic wand!

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