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Position Of The Month - The Missionary

by Philip Charter-Price 02 May 2022 0 Comments

Position of the Month.

As it’s our first blog on positions, let’s start at the very beginning, as it is a very good place to start!

But instead of this just being all about the standard position, though that is fun in its own right, we thought we would see how we can make it more fun.

Assume the Position: The Missionary.


The position we all know or should know about is “The Missionary”, and I know I always think of the song with opening lines "I was born an original sinner; I was borne from original sin" when I think of this position, I wonder why...

One school of thought as to why it has this name dates back to the good old Christian missionaries of days gone by, as it was supposedly their favourite position, because it deterred any bum fun. I mean, perish the thought!

Anyway, for those that don’t know what it is, or just haven’t realised that’s what it was called, the basic position is with the couple face to face, and in a MF couple, the man is on top with the woman on her back below him.

This position gives the most amount of skin contact, allowing the couple to look at each other. The Missionary can be quite a romantic position as it allows kissing and caressing as you go, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. Just remember though, gazing lovingly is one thing, a bad cum face is another!

Oh, and if its baby making you’re a wanting, then this is thought to be a good position to help with the job in hand, as the position helps with the swimming and makes Tom Daily’s out of your seamen!

Although the Missionary is the most common, is not regarded as the favourite position around the world. That’s still to come!

Allowing varying degrees of stimulation and penetration, as the man controls the rhythm and depth of thrust, though the woman can take some control too. Simply by pushing her feet against a surface, moving with the thrust, or contracting and releasing her pelvic muscle, she can control the fun.

The Basic Position:
This has the female on her back on a bed, other surfaces are available, with legs comfortably spread. The penetrating partner positions themselves between the female’s legs, balancing either by using arms to hold themselves up, or resting on the female.

With the female sufficiently lubricated, either by foreplay or a little lubricant, the fun can begin. Playing as a MF couple, the man would guide himself in, possibly with the help of fingers to open and stimulate the female as he goes.

Once in, the man dictates the speed of thrust and depth, and if desired he can control the movement of the female, with either his body weight or his position. By allowing the female freedom of movement, she can also control the depth of penetration by raising and falling with his thrust.

Variations on the positioning of the female’s legs, by bringing them up to the man’s waist, or further, will alter the depth of penetration.

Increase The Fun.

Remember, you don’t have to leave it all in his control. You know your body and what it likes better than anyone else, and the missionary is one of the positions where he has a tendency to get off the train before its in the station. Yes ladies, leaving you high and dry!

So, what can you do?

Close Your Legs!

Instead of doing it the basic way start with your legs closed and let him spread his.

By keeping your legs in-between his and not the other way round; when he enters you squeeze your thighs together as tight as you can.

This will not only make it more pleasurable for him; yeah him; but it will also increase the friction of his thrusts, increasing your chances of achieving the glorious orgasm as he will press more against your clitoris.

Raise Your legs!

We have already mentioned moving the position of your legs for a better depth of penetration, but it really does help! After he has entered you bring your legs up as high as you can, raising your bum. Put a pillow under your bottom for support if it helps and rest your legs on his shoulders or use a position enhancer to help.

This position will again intensify his sensation, but by allowing a deeper penetration for you, it will stimulate all those lovely nerve endings in your cervix, and he will be in a better position to hit your G-spot. The G-Spot of Joy!!

Pull Him In!

While he is happy to thrust in and out; take control of the thrust and grab him from behind! Get a good grip on him and as he trusts in, and pull him towards you more, thrusting your own hips forward. As you develop your rhythm you will notice an increase in the pleasure between you and as you are both about to climax, increase your thrusting and grab him even harder!

Add Some Finger Fun!

While he is happily doing the thrusting in and out, and we all know he’s going to be happy in the end, slide in a finger or better still a slim vibrating bullet between you to stimulate the clit, and make sure you are happy too! With bullets and clit stims, with some that are now thinner than a pencil and waterproof, you can easily slip one between you to stimulate the clit. Oh, and be sure to watch his face as he feels the tingle of the vibration too.


These are just a few tips on how to enjoy the missionary position a little more. Above we have described it between a male/female couple, but it is not exclusively theirs, as I know two boys who love doing it this way as well!

Remember though, however you do it, do it with respect and consent, and a whole lot of fun!

Love Polly x

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