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How To Pick Your Next Favourite Sex Toy: The Ultimate Guide.

by Philip Charter-Price 11 May 2022 0 Comments

How To Pick Your Next Favourite Sex Toy: The Ultimate Guide.

It doesn’t matter if you are a sex toy virgin or a well-versed aficionado, sex toys some in a vast array of styles and materials, that sometimes can just get a bit too much and all a little overwhelming.

Well lucky for you, that’s where this lovely guide from us all here at Nice ‘n’ Naughty can help.

Before we start though, let’s just put it out there; a toy has no gender! Most toys can be used on the male or female body, it’s all down to the perspective. Oh, and how you hold it.

So, if any of the toys below grab your attention, then enjoy the ride! Remember: Sex is all about having fun and finding out what makes you feel good.

The Single Lady’s Choice.

One of Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s most popular searches is for Rabbit Vibrators. These are specifically designed with the female form in mind and have dual stimulation, with an internal shaft for penetrative pleasure and external vibration in the form of ears for stimulation of the clitoris. Rabbits are great solo play toys but remember you can always use one with your partner too!

Starting from around £25, you are getting 2 areas of pleasure for the price of 1, and with a variety colours, styles, and body safe materials, like TPE and Silicone, you have a choice of a softer or a firmer toy. Rechargeable Rabbits generally offer more vibration patterns and power. They are also generally quieter and in most cases waterproof.

Don’t forget, you can choose a rabbit with internal rotation for added stimulation, or for the power hungry, one with multiple motors, where there is one in the shaft as well as the ears. Or if you are someone who likes it all; you will find some with internal, clitoral and anal stimulation, a rabbit for all the pleasure points.

Whatever you choose, make sure its right for you, and remember, any questions, you know where we are.

It’s All About The Clit.

Ok, so you don’t want internal play and clitoral stimulation is your thing. Well, you have come to the right place.

With vibration, suction, or a combination of both, you will be in Oh Oh Heaven with the range of Bullets, Wands, Vibrators and Suction Stimulators we have.

Ranging from toys that work to pinpoint precision or ones that cover a slightly larger area; to toys with suction stimulation that are designed to suck and release through air-pulse, sending you to an orgasmic crescendo.

With a choice of speed and power, colour and material, battery or rechargeable, as well as waterproof, there will be something to hit your spot, and make you want to go back for more!

Butt Wait. There’s More.

We get so many questions about Anal Play, and our most frequently asked is “Does it hurt?”

The simple answer is, at first possibly. Some will experience some discomfort, but the easiest way to manage anal play is to put yourself in a nice calm head space. If you're relaxed, the muscles are relaxed, making it easier to play. But it is different for everyone, so don’t get disheartened if you don’t manage it all in the first try. Just remember to relax and enjoy, because if it’s something you want to try, then it should be enjoyable for all involved.

Using a Butt Plug or a Dildo or Vibrator that you are comfortable with adds extra sensations when playing with a partner or on your own, and a plug is a great way to be able to have anal play while still leaving you, and your hands, free to do other things.

For added ease, remember there are Anal Relaxant sprays and serums, plus a great range of Anal Lubricants, either with or without relaxants, but we ALWAYS recommend lube with anal play.

As with all other toys, Anal Toys are available in a range of colours, sizes, shapes, and materials. From plugs to balls, dildos to prostate, silicone to metal. Some are soft and flexible while others are firm. Just remember when picking your anal toy, keep in mind what your goal is. Is it something for the sensation of having something internal, for stretching, or for prostate play? Or is it to get you used to anal intercourse. Whatever the reason, look at the size and shape, and be comfortable with your choice.

But the one piece of advice you take from this has to be, Be Prepared! Remember, USE LUBE and think about the practice of douching first. Lube is a must for all anal play, be it water or silicone based; with or without a relaxant. Just make sure you have a bottle to hand and use it.

As with all products, we are here to help if you need us.

Ding, Dong, Dildo.

The word Dildo is thrown around all over the place, and what’s the difference between a dildo and a dong I hear you say. Well, some say it’s to do with the balls, but it’s more a dildo has a base, and a dong doesn’t! Either way, it’s a replica, or replacement for the male appendix.

But remember, don’t say dildo when you mean Vibrator, as there can be a HUGE difference. Dildos are generally non vibrating; though you can get some that do, the majority don’t. They are also more likely to be realistic, or phallic, where vibrators can take lots of shapes and sizes from bullets to eggs to rabbits.

Anyway, back to Dildo’s. There is, as you would expect, lots to choose from and the same rule applies as it does to any sex toy; what is it you want to do?

From Realistic to Non Phallic, Silicone to TPE, Glass and Metal, Single or Double Ended, with or without balls, and Large and Extreme Dildos for the experienced; the range goes on. Most single ended dildo’s have a suction cup base, which is great to stick to a non-porous surface for hands free fun, but they will also work in a harness for Strap-On fun. Just make sure the harness is an O-ring harness with adjustable rings to fit the width of the shaft or circumference of where the dong joins the suction cup.

It’s all about expanding and freeing your imagination and, of course, having fun!

Note: Remember with Silicone Toys, Water Based lubricant is safest. Silicone lubricant left on a silicone toy will affect the toy and deteriorate the surface. Silicone lube is only removed with soap and hot water, so the toy must be cleaned straight away to prevent any damage.

For the Boys.

The range of toys for men has never been better, with multiple brands and styles of toy. Technology has caught up too. With app-controlled toys for men now the norm, you really can spoil your little man.

We know; us men are easily pleased. But with the range of toys now, we really do have a good choice. With Masturbation Toys from Fleshlight, the market leader, as well as Svakom, Bangers and more, the range is vast. With choices of vaginal, anal, mouth or neutral openings, whatever your desire, there will be a toy for you.

Add to that Cock Rings and Prostate Massagers, both available in vibrating and non-vibrating, plus remote and app-controlled; Penis Pumps and Realistic and Classic Sex Dolls, the range of male fun is vast. With the taboo of men playing with toys disappearing, more men are taking up the challenge of exploring their sexuality more.

Just remember boys, the male G-spot is the Prostate!

Come Together.

And so, to couple’s toys. Some of the most searched toys have been We-Vibe. Why? Well, We-Vibe were the first to bring out a wearable couple’s toy that allowed the female to have dual stimulation, while the male could perform penetrate sex at the same time, experiencing the vibration as well.

But with a larger range of brands including Satisfyer, Lovense, Svakom and Loving Joy, the couple’s range has grown. Under this heading you will find everything from Strap-On’s for both him and her, Wearable Vibrators, App Controlled and Remote Toys, Cock Rings, Penis Sleeves and Toy Kits.

As you browse the couples toys, and our online store, talk to each other, and decide what you want to try together. Each toy has its full description of what it can do, you just need to decide if its what you are looking for.


We hope you have found something here that has piqued an interest or tickled a fancy! Each item on the website has full details, with sizes, materials etc. to assist in your decisions.

Life gives us one shot, so keep an open mind, let your imagination guide you, and as with everything in life, sometimes you just have to try it, at least twice!

Have something in mind, but can’t find it? Then ask the experts.

Find us online on our live chat; email us at or call one of the stores. We have a font of knowledge at your disposal and are always happy to help.

Love Team Nice ‘n’ Naughty.

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