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Position Of The Month - The Leap Frog

by Philip Charter-Price 01 Jun 2022 0 Comments

Position of the Month

The Leap Frog

Ok, so this is a step up from The Missionary last month, but the sun is out, so it’s time to play.

I’m sure we all remember playing leapfrog as kids, well I do; and though the name is the same, this is most definitely a more fun way to play. And if you are asking yourself ‘Is this position is for me or best left to those that want to kiss a prince?’ continue reading to find out.

Don’t worry, this position won’t have you leaping and bounding over your partners back and waiting for the same in return either, but it is a variation on the doggy that we think you might enjoy. And if, like me, you like to do a little spanking, or being spanked, then it’s the perfect position, as it allows for ease of access to those peachy cheeks for a little slap and tickle as you bump and grind. And Instead of stimulating the G-Spot, this position stimulates the not as well know, though just as highly pleasurable, posterior fornix.

The Basic Position:

So, as we have said its similar in position to the doggy, so one person will get on their hands and knees, with knees spread enough for a partner to come in between. But instead of staying up on all fours like you would in the doggy position, bring your head down to the bed, or floor, and rest yourself on your elbows, keeping your booty in the air

The partner will then come between your legs and be in a perfect position to enter you.

The Benefits:

So not only does this position leave the receiver in the perfect position for a little light, or heavy bottom slapping, but it also allows for deeper penetration. And if you are not as agile or energetic as your partner, this position gives you the chance to rest if it’s all getting a little too much for you, and they can carry on enjoying themselves, especially if your partner is an energetic soul!

Increase the fun:

As we have already mentioned, the bottom is in the perfect position for a little spanking in this position, but it also allows more.

Make it Tight:

Change the way you have your legs. By closing yours and making him spread his, it will be a tighter fit for him and more pleasurable for both.

Arms Back:

With you resting on your chest and shoulders, and if you are supple enough, he can bring your arms behind you and use them as leverage, allowing him to go deeper and harder, and bring out a little dominance in the play time.


With your arms being by your side, you can also add to the stimulation with some self-pleasure, for those with a vagina, use your fingers or a vibrating bullet to stimulate the clit, or if you have a penis, well we don’t need to tell you what you can do, but add some lube for some extra slip and slide

Variations on the Position:

As mentioned, this position starts by kneeling, but there are so many variations on this, including where the receiver will remain on their feet, bending forward and rest on their hands or elbows, it depends on flexibility, and this will allow the male to stand while he is in leaping position.

And then there’s the ‘frog leap’ where the receiver is standing with bent knees and places hands on the floor in front. This position is better if the person doing the penetrating is kneeling too, and the receiver can take control of the thrust with the rocking of their body.

Of course, if you really want to take control of the situation, you could always restrain the hands to the legs, just below the knee and then you can do as you please.

This position can be very vulnerable to to one being entered, as they have little control and are fully exposed. The person also has difficulty in seeing what you are doing, so a first time like this can be a little anxious, so make sure you put them at ease with some compliments and caresses, and always remember, it is supposed to be enjoyable for both though!

Well that’s the Leap Frog. Enjoy making it your own, and always finish with a bang!

Love, Team Nice 'n' Naughty

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