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Wicked Sex Toys to Treat Yourself this Halloween

by Lucy SEO 06 Oct 2021 0 Comments

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for the spookiest day of the year! We’re not just talking about decorations, candy and pumpkin carving, oh no… we’re talking about treating your-devilish-selves to something on the darker side, a sex toy that will have you quivering and shaking all over!

Our selection of wicked sex toys will get you in the mood for the scariest season of all as we’ve crawled through our collections in our online sex shop to bring you the ‘baddest’ of the bunch. We hope our favourite witches can find more than just a broom to ride, while our spooky skeletons are able to get an everlasting bone!

Wand Vibrators for Witches and Wizards

Image by <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=155291">OpenClipart-Vectors</a> from <a href=";utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campaign=image&amp;utm_content=155291">Pixabay</a>

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

 What’s a witch or wizard without their magic wand? Wand vibrators are known for their super-intense powerful vibrations that stimulate your precious G-spots to give you ultimate pleasure and heightened orgasms. Here’s our favourite spookiest wand vibrators available now!

Doxy Massager Wand Vibrator

Doxy massage wand vibrator

The Doxy Massager Wand is an all-time fav and has been voted one the best wand vibrators year upon year by leading magazines such as Cosmopolitan. The Doxy offers so many features, from high vibrations you can control at the tip of your fingers to super safe materials that work perfectly with natural or man-made oils to provide an even deeper stimulation.

 Doxy Prostate Wand Attachment

doxy massage wand attachment


The Doxy Prostate Massager let’s you and your partner take it in turns to stimulate one another’s blissful G & P spots. The prostate attachment delivers toe curling dual stimulation straight to the p-spot and perineum. It works by screwing onto the head of the Doxy No.3 wand - simply unscrew the black massager head and then twist the selected attachment into place and you’re ready for spine-chilling time!

Rabbit Vibrators with a scary-twist

rabbit vibrators

Image by Please Don't sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay 

To some, rabbits are this adorable and cute little creature, to others the word rabbit means a whole different thing entirely. Our not-so-little bunnies are power-houses that combine clitoral stimulation with deep penetration to offer dual pleasure. If you’re home-alone this Halloween, you may as well get as much company as you can with the…

Happy Rabbit Triple Curve Black Bunny Vibrator

happy rabbit triple beaded vibrator

Don’t let this rabbit scare you away with its triple action, offering 3 titillating functions to drive you crazier than ever! Made from velvet-soft silicone, with 3 powerful motors that give 21 different vibration modes. The ears and beads have 9 intense functions which are combined with 12 speed and pattern settings in the shaft. That’s not all, the anal bead at the back will test senses you didn’t even know you had!

Daring Dildos

Vibrators shouldn’t be the only toys that get to trick or treat this Halloween, not when you can invite a dildo to join the fun and games. What’s most loved about dildos is not only do they look intensely gratifying, they actually are and they have no sexual orientation so they can be enjoyed by literally everyone, regardless of what ones preferences are.

Khan Regular Cock

khan regular cock large dildo


There is nothing particularly regular about this cock as it offers added stimulation with its textured shaft and ridged bell-end. The majestic black material is made from phthalate-free vinyl which can be used with all types of lubricants. This dildo of darkness has an insertable length of 6.5 inches with a 18cm circumference to feed those hungry holes.

Stretch Fist No.2

fisting sex toy

While this fisting toy looks like part of Frankenstein’s arm, it might be a sexual practice that you and your partner are ‘dying’ to try, or even a little curious about? Fisting although is on the extreme spectrum of fetishes, actually involves a lot of Intimacy and trust for couples who indulged in it. You have to ease the fisting toy into your vagina or anus slowly which helps to build the trust between you and allows you both to explore new boundaries. The sensation fisting creates is also highly pleasurable and fulfilling, especially for those who struggle to feel satisfied from more average size toys and basic practices.

Butt Plugs Beware

anal sex toys

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 

If you’ve never experienced the pleasure of anal stimulation and penetration, then why not lose your anal virginity on the scariest day of the year? Get over your fears and feel the chilling sensations that fill your anus and tingle your nerve endings. Whether your male or female, anal play is fun and enjoyable for both of you!

XR BRANDS 15” Tapered Silicone Hose

large and extreme butt plugs

This is probably not what you were expecting a butt plug to look like but that’s what makes this plug so frighteningly unique. Its tip starts off small so its easy to insert, making it ideal if your new to anal play, however you won’t want to stop there as you work your way up and see how many of its inches you can take. Although this butt plug looks terrifying like the leg of giant tarantula, it’ll satisfy your hole in more ways than one!

 Rianne S Ana’s Trilogy 11 Gift Set

butt plug set

This deliciously sexy set is the ultimate Halloween treat, giving you a classy Venetian style masque to surprise and seduce your lover with. A small jewelled butt plug that provides a filling sensation as applies more pressure to your vaginal walls, allowing your vagina to become tighter which feels better for both of you as you enjoy your sexual penetration. And finally, the nipple jewels to complete this seductive and tempting look! Be the best dressed of them all this Halloween!  

Creepy Cock Rings

creepy cock rings

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

You probably know the ins and outs of what cock rings are all about, making erections last for longer, extra sensations for the man and the vibrating ones even tingle your partners clit. But what about taking it up a level, after all it is Halloween? Try something on the scary side with a more extreme cock ring…

Shots GC Cock Ring Set

spiked cock ring set

These cock rings might look like terrifying ninja stars, but they’re actually flexible and stretchy so there’s no discomfort and they offer different stimulation rims to tease and please. So, you can enjoy the extra sensation and pleasure while adding some exciting and thrilling visuals to your sexual play!

Bloodcurdling Bondage

sexy vampire

Image by kalhh from Pixabay 

You can’t have a Halloween night without even thinking of bondage! Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, the eyes of many were opened to the world of bondage and those who saw its filthy frolics got a thirst for pain and pleasure. From masks to gags, whips to paddles, handcuffs to restraints, slings to fucking machines…we welcome you ladies and gentlemen to take a taste of the darker side of sex, where once you go down the rabbit hole of bondage, you’ll never come back! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

Tease Me Game

bondage tease me game

Just looking at this bondage set makes me quiver! Whether you want to take control or be subjected to, this tease me game brings a full lot of fun to your evening antics. With bondage rope that can be used to tie multiple body parts, a mask to limit their vision and heighten the other senses, nipple clamps to tingle and stimulate and of course the infinite fantasy game itself!

Sports Sheet Sex Sling

sportssheet sex sling

This sex sling is such a fabulous and filthy bondage toy that allows you both to feel a deeper penetration and stimulation as you’re put into more advance sex positions. You’re able to maintain them as the sling supports you in all the right places!  

Domin8 Master Edition

bondage kit

For Dom’s and their Submissive, this master devilish deluxe set has everything you could ever want! Featuring a paddle for spanking, a blindfold to limit vision, handcuffs to restrain, a feather tickler to tease and bondage tape to confine them even more. Not only do you have all the tools necessary for a night of bondage, there’s an invigorating game of sexy submission and fiendish domination, where each player gets to play out both roles.

Frightful Fetish Fantasy


Image by Shibari Kinbaku from Pixabay 

Open your minds and delve into your inner most secret fantasies to let them run wild through the night as you begin to practice the fetishes you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you want to re-enact scenes from your favourite horror movies, ending in a passionate rage of sex or you want to roleplay the nurse and doctor you’ve secretly been lusting for all this time! Of all the things to try this Halloween, we put fetish fun at the top of the list! Fetish sex toys are so versatile and you can have so much fun and pleasure by acting and making one another petrified!

Rouge Stainless Steel Triple Pinwheel

fetish pinwheel

If medical play is your fetish fantasy, you’ll need a pinwheel in your set of tools! This fetish toy can provide pleasure to certain areas and pain to others as it’s made for the ultimate sensory stimulation. It’s up to you how much pain you want to inflict on your helpless victim.

Black Label 8 Pcs. Bumpy Rosebud Urethral Sounds Set

urethral probes set

Urethral probes are used to stretch and stimulate the penis in a more intense way that can bring a huge amount of sexual pleasure and gratification. These urethral probes allow you to push your boundaries, but how far are you willing to go?

Electrastim Electro-Sex Clamp Kit

electro-sex clamp kit

Electrify your fetish frolics this all Hallows eve with electro-sex clamping kit! Ideal for genital clamping, ElectraClamps are the perfect size for clipping onto the scrotum, frenulum, perineum, labia or clitoris. The heavy weight and slimline tips apply plenty of pressure to sensitive sweet spots, making them a popular choice for intensified sensory scenes.

We hope you enjoyed our scary selection of sex toys for Halloween this year! If you haven’t been spooked enough and your blood-thirsty for more, visit our online sex toy shop now and browse through the devilish treats we have to offer!

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