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Why There Are More Ways To Hit the Big O Than You Think

by Sarah A 19 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Traditional ideas about sex tend to sell people a bit short when it comes to the rather important matter of orgasm. Of course, one of these is necessary for procreation, specifically the one involving penis-in-vagina sex and ejaculation, with the recipient partner’s own big O being just an optional extra.

Times have changed somewhat. Most folk now realise it’s not just the stimulation of a penis that matters, but also the clitoris, but there is so much more to it than that. With the right adult sex toys, you can explore some great options, whatever your gender and whatever you are into.

The idea that the female sex organ only had the clit as a means of coming has been increasingly disputed. Of course, research has shown that the clitoris actually has twice as many nerve endings as the head of the penis, which is all the more reason to lick, rub and otherwise stimulate it into a state of glorious ecstasy.

However, there are so many more ways to reach an orgasm in and around a vagina - and even elsewhere. The best known of these is the G spot, perhaps one of the great discoveries in the history of sex, for which we can thank gynaecologist Ernst Grafenberg, after whom it is named (just in case you thought it was Ali G).

Grafenberg published his discovery in 1950, noting an area of lumpy tissue an inch inside the vagina on the upper wall. Suffice to say, to rub and stimulate this is a new way of reaching the promised land many have enjoyed in the decades since. The G spot is actually part of the wider clitoral apparatus, but it offers a new way of enjoying it.

Sometimes, it is even possible to enjoy a cervical orgasm through deep penetration (either with a penis or toy), which can be very intense indeed.

Of course, some argue these are not really different kinds of orgasm at all, but all simply different ways of stimulating the same orgasmic system of which every section of the vaginal apparatus is a part.

However, that doesn’t apply to nipple orgasms. Yes, it’s true, breast play can bring a climax too. Not only is such stimulation pleasurable; sufficient stimulation can even create its own climax, because the nerves are interconnected all over the body (how else could you feel a ‘full body orgasm’ sensation?).

All this goes to show just how much more fun you can have with wider anatomical exploration - and this does not just apply to those blessed with breasts and vaginas.

Yes, having a penis is a great way to reach the big O - just thrust away and you’ll usually get there - but male genitalia comes with an extra option, although this ‘G spot’ - the prostate - is to be found via the back entrance.

This can be stimulated manually, but also using a toy, with a vibrating item producing particularly great pleasure. The number of muscular contractions in the orgasm is usually higher than with a penis, meaning it can last longer. But apart from that, it offers a novel alternative way of getting there.

So get some new toys in and enjoy a different and better orgasm today!

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