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How A Fleshlight Can Be Much More Than You Expected

by Sarah A 10 Jan 2024 0 Comments

The invention of the Fleshlight is believed by some to have revolutionised the way we do pleasure. Back in 1999, a man called Steve Shubin had some pretty normal sexual pleasure, the result of which was also pretty standard - his wife got pregnant.

The problem was that for medical reasons they were advised not to have sex while she was expecting. Rather than the grim prospect of nine months of abstinence, Mr Shubin decided this was the time to try to make the most realistic sex toy ever. The result was the Fleshlight.

In truth, it wasn’t that revolutionary. The idea that any man left to his own devices would use nothing more than his own hand before Mr Shubin’s invention is fanciful. Indeed, the idea of the home-made fake vagina has been around for a long time.

Even now, it is not hard to find instructions on how to make your own ‘pocket pussy’ from everything from balloons to freezer bags. But a problem with these is that they aren’t custom designed and they don’t last very long. That may not seem like such a problem when you can make another, but the other, far greater snag is they don’t quite feel like the real thing.

This is the great advantage of the Fleshlight. With its silicone material and intricately crafted interiors, it is designed to be extremely realistic, at least the next best thing to the real deal –and some might even say better, as it is always in the mood.

Better still, the custom design aspect can stretch to appearance. Those obsessed with certain porn stars can have one modelled on their actual bits. Or there can be one that is a rear entrance instead, which has an appeal both to gay/bi men and to those who enjoy a bit of backdoor action in a hetero relationship.

On top of all this, there is the cleverest bit of the design of all, the thing that gave the Fleshlight its name; by putting it in a case that looks like a torch, it is discreet enough that if someone finds it, they won’t know what it is - a useful point whether it is one of your kids or a visiting mum who comes across it.

If all that wasn’t enough reason to get a Fleshlight, there is also the extra variety. Instead of just pale skin colour, you can opt for dark skin (which may be more racially appropriate for you as well as meeting tastes), or even a metallic silver or blue.

Indeed, the most exciting Fleshlight of all might be a clear one, which you can see through, giving you a chance not just to enjoy the feel of what is going on (or cumming out) inside, but to see it too. If you are using it with (or on) someone else, you can get a great front-row view of their pleasure.

Quite simply, the Fleshlight offers so much more than a home-made device, or your hand, ever could. Whether you use it on your own or with a partner, it may surprise you just how much fun it can be. 

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