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Why Silicone Can Be An Essential Lubricant

by Sarah A 18 Sep 2023 0 Comments

Lube is one of those things many people use almost without thinking. You probably used it the first time you had sex (it certainly would have been a lot more comfortable if you did) and it has a huge number of essential uses.

Whether it is for use with flesh toys, for anal action (unlike the vagina, you won’t produce any natural lubricant in there), or simply to make it easier to fit something excitingly big in something wonderfully right, lube is great stuff. Anyone who hasn’t used it is either celibate or is likely to have problems if they stay that way (ladies, we mean you after menopause).

However, not all lubes are created equal, and it is useful to know what to use and when. Silicone lubricant is not essential or the best thing to use every time, but there are occasions when it most certainly is.

For example, your alternatives are water or oil-based lube. An oil-based lube can be bad news when you are using latex condoms, as it can corrode the rubber with calamitous results.

Latex may be fine with water-based lube, but this does not last as long as silicone lube and needs more reapplying, which is not exactly ideal timing.

Silicone lube requires less putting on to start with and it keeps things slippery and slidey for longer. It can also be used in the bath as it is water-resistant. It is certainly fine to use with condoms.

In fact, the only time not to use silicone lube is if you are deploying silicone-based toys, as it can damage them. 

Quite simply, sex is fun and with lube it is a lot more fun. But it is important to use the right kind. Often silicone will be just the thing to keep everything moving just as you want it.

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