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What Is Post-Orgasm Torture For Men?

by Sarah A 01 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Anyone with a penis knows full well the intense joy and sensations an orgasm brings. For some, that will be the normal climax of sex and leave them fully satisfied. But for those who want to try something a bit different, varying from this approach can add a whole new dimension to the bedroom experience.

Those into BDSM and similar practices may be familiar with some of these methods, but you don’t have to go that far; anyone who wants to add a little novelty can try them out.

A particularly interesting one to do is post-orgasm torture. This doesn’t have to involve anything like bloodshed, electric shocks, or violence; it is achieved with a penis by the continuation of the very thing that has brought such pleasure right up to the point of orgasm.

Normally, once the male orgasm takes place, the penis becomes very sensitive and further stimulation can be physically uncomfortable and even quite painful. That is where sexual activity usually stops. To keep going is unusual and can be hard to endure.

However, just such a scenario can be fun between consensual adults, using devices like a Fleshlight to continue stimulation, perhaps even to an enhanced level, for several minutes or as long as an erection remains.

In this situation, the recipient is restrained and has to endure this overwhelming and intense stimulation. Having consented beforehand and maybe having experienced it before, the very thought itself can be a turn-on and lead to a more intense climax beforehand.

For some, it can be about enjoying some female domination as she has total control, first of a man’s pleasure and then his discomfort, with one unavoidably leading to the other. In some, albeit uncommon cases, it can lead to the penis responding by becoming fully aroused again, producing another orgasm.

While post-orgasm torture is primarily carried out on men because they don’t get multiple orgasms (bar a few very lucky exceptions!) it can apply to women too, especially through direct stimulation of the clitoris.

Needless to say, such practices are not confined to heterosexual couples and anyone can give it a go.

There are other forms of genital stimulation that can have a torture element too, which can include orgasm denial through repeated ‘edging’, although some may actually practice this themselves during sex.

You may even combine this with post-orgasm torture, with the tied-up ‘victim’ being made to wait for ages while kept on the very precipice of coming before a moment of huge pleasure is followed by real discomfort, all the while done in the knowledge that their partner is absolutely loving this.

With any such practices, it must be unambiguously consensual, especially if the one being teased is to be restrained and helpless. It is also wise to have ‘safe words’ in case things get too much to the point that the practice causes severe pain. After all, to carry on at that point would be to ensure your partner is unwilling to do it again.

These points are especially important if you want to do this for the first time, ensuring that you can experiment in a safe environment where you can try new things and discontinue if you don’t like them.

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