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Why Masturbation Is Actually Really Good For Your Health

by Sarah A 23 Aug 2023 0 Comments

Sex is great for your health, this isn’t a new discovery and has been shown to have some incredible benefits. Sexual intercourse is the equivalent of a workout and can help improve many aspects of your life, from your stamina and fitness to the quality of your sleep.

However, sex doesn’t have to involve more than one person, solo adventures can still have some incredible benefits which means you have no need to find a willing partner in order to reap the health benefits if getting down and dirty.

Masturbation is important for many reasons, one of the main ones is that it is an important part of self-discovery and becoming familiar with your own body, the way it responds to touch and finding out what you like and dislike in the bedroom.

Trying stuff out solo before welcoming a partner, or two, into the mix is a great way to figure out what you want from sex and whether or not you like certain aspects of bedroom activities. It also allows you to become far more comfortable and confident in yourself and your body.

It can also help you figure out which toys and fun added extras you enjoy using, from vibrating dildos to cock rings, putt plugs or even nipple clamps! Trying them out on your own first can make it much less daunting to suggest to a partner.

Masturbating can help to improve your overall body image and self-confidence, allowing you to feel more empowered and in charge of your own pleasure. Not only this, it can also help to boost your overall mood and is fantastic at relieving stress and anxiety as well as aiding sleep.

These are just several of the mental benefits of masturbating which can help to boost your mental health and leave you feeling more relaxed, in tune with yourself and level-headed.

Masturbating also allows you to enjoy sex in a risk-free environment. Many people who aren’t with a long-term partner, either romantic or purely sexual, may be uncomfortable with the idea of casual sex and the risk that comes along with it, such as infections.

Therefore, masturbation provides the perfect solution- you can still seek and find pleasure in the bedroom without putting your health on the line to do so, which can allow you the relief and satisfaction you need as well as all the health-related benefits without needing another person.

For men in particular, there are further health benefits associated with masturbating. Frequent ejaculation has been shown to potentially lower the risk of prostate cancer, which is only found in men, as well as helping to maintain a healthy libido.

Masturbating may also improve your overall performance in the bedroom, and while this is not necessarily a health benefit it is definitely a plus. Increased stamina and improved orgasms and high libido can all help to promote a better sex life with your partner.

Having a better sex life and a more positive attitude towards sex and masturbation can help to improve your relationship with yourself, your partner and allows you to experience many health benefits.

Therefore, absolutely feel free to go right ahead and have some solo fun. You’ll almost definitely feel happier, more relaxed and at ease afterwards- trust us, we know what we're talking about here at Nice N Naughty!

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