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The Lowdown on ElectroSex

by Lindsey Jude 18 Jul 2022 0 Comments

The Lowdown on ElectroSex

When I first discovered ElectroSex, I was a little unsure whether it was something for me. How would it feel, would it scare the be-Jesus out of me, would it feel like it did when I licked a battery when I was a kid, or in the words of Kenneth Williams would I be ‘Frying Tonight! Even now, when I get my unit out for a twiddle, I still have a little chuckle over this classic film line.

Back then I knew a few people who had used electros, and having chatted to them about it, I decided to give it a try. That was the start of the fun and it has been a lot of fun over the years.

 Looking back to some of my first questions, apart from would it hurt included ‘What is it? What does it do? and Would it make my hair curl? You know, the basics. So here are some answers to questions, plus a little bit of my own insight into ElectroSex.

Make sure you read to the end though, as there are things you have to watch out for. After all you won’t want to send an electro current through the heart now, would you!

What Is It

So ElectroSex, is a type of sexual stimulation that directly stimulates the body’s nerve endings, surrounding tissues and muscles through electric currents. Some call it e-stim or electro stim. If you have used a TENS machine before, then you have taken a first step with electro play. ElectroSex is designed to create tingles and contractions that complement the sexual activity, which can ultimately bring you climax with no additional stimulation, either sol or with a partner.

It all works by sending an electro current between 2 points; either via pads, toys or probes; that are connected to the unit via a single cable to create a circuit. For solo play, a person could attach 2 pads, a pad and a toy, two uni-polar toys, such as cock rings, or a bi-polar toy such as a plug or dildo. The electro current will fluctuate between these 2 points, so if it is two different items, the current will find the quickest route between the two points and stimulate there, or if both wires are connected to a single toy, the sensation is localised to that area of use.

Cross section of skin for elector sex play blog from Nice 'n' Naughty

N.B. You need two Uni Polar items connected to make a circuit. Bi-Polar items will generate the electro current on their own.

If you choose to split the circuit between 2 people, with either a pad on each, or pad and a ring, or 2 ring’s; then where the bodies touch, the circuit is completed, and the sensation is felt where you touch. It is worth pointing out though, the more the body contact, the less intense the feeling, as the current dissipates over the surface of contact.

What does it feel like?

Honestly, externally it feels a bit like pins and needles on the surface of the skin, but much more fun!  Internally it’s a whole different ball game, with you feeling like your muscles are pulsating on their own. Adding water-based lube to the mix will increase the intensity; it’s like throwing a toaster in to the bath!

If you split the circuit between two, where you trace your fingers across the body, that is where you will feel the tingle!

Internally it’s a whole different ball game, with you feeling like your muscles are pulsating on their own. Internally I generally have it on a higher output than I do externally, and it feels incredible. I’ve even split the current between a plug and a ring, and that way the current zaps trough the prostate, wowzer!

Remember adding water-based lube to the mix will increase the intensity; it’s like throwing a toaster in to the bath!

I always start with the unit off or on its lowest setting, and gently working my way up. Remember, the strength of current will fluctuate depending on which part of the body you are playing with. I’ve always found the more “sensitive” the area the more sensitive the skin, the lower the output needed, especially if there’s moisture there too. You have been warned!

Will it hurt?

Ok, it is electric, if you have it too high it will hurt! I know a lady who used the clitoral Halo Probe on herself, on a slightly higher setting before checking, and as there was the extra moisture she gave herself an electro burn, though my favourite is the Depth Charge, you can go nice and deep with the electro stimulation with this one. So as I’ve already said, ALWAYS start with the unit off or on its lowest setting. I’ve had a unit for over 10 years, and up to now, the only pain I have inflicted on myself, or others has been the pleasurable kind!

The last thing to touch on is the most important, its the safety manual. So arms rest down, window blinds up please.

Is it safe?

ElectrSex units are perfectly safe if you use them how they are supposed to be used. As with all electro items, read the instructions first, but there are do’s and don’ts with ElectroSex.

DO; Read the manual : Start with the unit turned off : Listen to your body and your partner, if they say stop, or chosen safe-word/signal, stop!

DON’T: Use if pregnant or have a heart condition, especially a pacemaker : Never send an electric current through the heart, so don’t do nipple to nipple

With regards to where on the body you play; from the waist down ANYTHING GOES, literally!

The waist to neck, be very careful, remember you have a heart and you don’t want to shock it unless you have to, so NEVER do nipple to nipple stimulation.

Then we move to the neck and above, and another thing you want to avoid sending electric to, the brain!

A girl I used to work with thought about it like traffic lights, and she found it easier to remember with Red, Amber and Green zones to the body. The waist down is the GREEN ZONE, and anything goes, the waist to the neck is AMBER ZONE, so proceed with caution, and the neck and above is the RED ZONE.

Electric is lazy, it will find the shortest route to get a connection, so always remember this when playing.

So, there you have it. I have learnt so much about my own body using my electro unit over the years, and its fun to try new things. I’ve seen a guy brought to his knees because he had a pad attached just below each button cheek, and when the unit was turned on it knocked out his leg muscles, and with the higher end units being motion sensitive I’ve had hours of fun being told not to move. Mind play and electro play all in one!

So, have fun and play safe!

Love Pip.

You can find the full range of ElectroSex toys here.

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