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Position Of The Month - The Cowboy and Cowgirl

by Philip Charter-Price 01 Jul 2022 0 Comments
Position of the Month
The Cowboy and Cowgirl

I’m hoping most of you have heard about the Cowgirl position, but as its London Pride tomorrow, we thought we would look at riding the Cowboy as well!

These positions are very similar in their look, the difference comes in a M/F couple where the person with a vagina is on top for the Cowgirl, and for the Cowboy the one with a penis. Where there are 2 people with vulvas, they can flip between positions, but when the couple is both male, or 2 people with penises, then I just call it a Cowboy Rodeo!

The Basic Position:

The Cowgirl: the person doing the penetration is lying on the bed, floor, or chosen surface, The one being penetrated straddles the chest, kneeling each side and slides down, allowing the insertion. This position allows the rider to take control of speed and depth, and you can relieve some of the pressure by leaning back or supporting yourself on their thighs.

The Cowboy: the one being penetrated is lying on their back on the flat surface, making sure legs are closed, creating a tighter fit for insertion, creating more sensations and a tighter feel. Then the Cowboy straddles and enters, taking the same kneeling position as the Cowgirl would.

For both versions, it makes it a little easier if the knees are bent, creating a saddle area for the rider.

The Benefits:

In both positions the one on top, the Cowgirl or the Cowboy is the one controlling most of the action. But its also good if one of the couple is less supple or needs support, as this position provides support to both. If you are the one lying flat you have less strain on your back or legs, and the one on top has the added advantage of supporting themselves with their partners thighs, knees or arms.

Increasing the fun:

Upgrade the saddle.

The one lying can move their knees apart, with an in and out motion, which will change the way the rider is sitting. This change in the way they are lying, changing the sensation of the penetration as it changes the thrust and tightness as they slide in and out.

Add some vibration.

If the person with a vagina is being either the Cowgirl or being ridden by the Cowboy, they are in the perfect position to add some additional clitoral stimulation through a vibrating bullet or wand.

Add some domination.

Both positions leave the “riders” hands free, to hold down the others arms, either above their head or by their side. Not only will this add to the play, but it will also help with the support of the rider.

Have a fondle.

As you lie there, your beasts or chest is perfect for fondling. We know some of us have very sensitive nipples, both boys and girls, and this position leaves the one lying down susceptible for a little tweak or fondle, adding to their pleasure. Or if they like it rough, add some nipple clamps.


So, there you have the Cowgirl and Cowboy. At the end of the day, both positions are similar in there look and feel, and whether you recognise yourself as having a penis or a vagina, one or both positions will work, so just lie back and enjoy the ride!

On that note, all of us at Nice ‘n’ Naughty wish everyone a wonderful Pride in London, whoever you are. Be Proud, live your authentic life, and be kind to your fellow humans.

Love Team Nice ‘n’ Naughty



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