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Spotlight On: Temperature Play

by Sarah A 29 Mar 2023 0 Comments

There are all sorts of ways you can spice things up in the bedroom and, in fact, the possibilities are practically endless. Since the only limit is your imagination, who knows what you could get up to the next time you’re between the sheets!

But if you’re not quite sure where to begin and want to bring the heat (or the cold!), you might want to think about giving temperature play a go. 

This is a relatively simple way to ease yourself into slightly more adventurous sex and it’s very accessible to all, since it really just involves trying out different temperatures on your erogenous zones and seeing how your body responds.

If you’re playing with a partner, what about holding an ice cube in your mouth during oral sex or running it slowly down their body, hitting all their favourite spots? But, as with most things, you don’t even need a partner to enjoy temperature play and you can try it out easily on yourself, running it over your body and noticing how it makes you feel.

That’s a good place to begin, but if you want to up the ante a little you could invest in a few massage candles and start messing around with hot wax

This can be a lot of fun and very arousing, but just make sure that you’re buying the right kind of candle that has a lower melting point. Regular candles will likely lead to burns… and that’s perhaps the best way to really kill the mood!

You can take temperature play even further with a blindfold or two, as this brings in the element of surprise and your partner will have no idea what to expect or when. The perfect way to really intensify your evening of play!

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