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How To Introduce Toys Into The Bedroom

by Sarah A 18 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Using sex toys alone and using them with a partner are two entirely different realms and while both can be just as fun and pleasurable, you may struggle to find ways to comfortably introduce them into the bedroom.

Often it can be daunting presenting a new idea to your sexual partners, however, you will find that most people are open to using toys such as vibrators and dildos during sex. If you find the thought of asking awkward, there are some fun ways to introduce them without killing the mood.

Timing is key when asking to introduce new activities in the bedroom. Surprising your partner midway through the act may not be the best way to go about it, however asking in a more formal way beforehand may also seem uncomfortable.

Casually bringing up the idea when you are both relaxing as a flirty way to initiate the action is a great way to introduce the idea without making them feel pressured into agreeing.

This way you can present it as something which will enhance and excite both of your experiences, instead of making it seem like you are bored or unhappy with their performance.

Using toys on each other individually before starting to use them during the act itself is another great way to try something new out.

This gives your partner the ability to enjoy what they are doing and what they are doing to you with said toys and get used to using them with each other.

Understanding each other’s likes and dislikes through experimentation makes for great foreplay and can get you both feeling hot and heavy and build up to some great sex.

Proper communication throughout is key to ensuring the situation is enjoyable and comfortable for all involved. If your partner expresses no interest in participating, do not push the idea further.

Boundaries are key and respecting other people will help to foster a safe, understanding and open-minded environment where requests such as this can be brought up free of judgement.

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