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How To Get Started Crossdressing

by Sarah A 19 Jul 2023 0 Comments

You might want to click your fingers and look like Laverne Cox, but crossdressing as a woman takes a lot of time and preparation. Here are the first things to do to achieve the look. 

Shave, shave, shave

No matter how good your hair and make-up is, if your body still looks like Wolverine, you won’t look feminine at all. 

So suck up the pain and get your legs, arms, back, genital hair waxed, and make sure there’s no trace of facial hair - including your neck, nose and ears. 

Get the breasts

Something that will instantly give you a womanly form is a good pair of breasts. You can invest in a pair of strap-on silicone boobs, silicone breasts to put into a bra, and even fake nipples for a realistic touch. 

Vaginal gaffs

You will also need to disguise the penis bulge, particularly if you plan on wearing tight dresses, in which case you’ll need vaginal gaffs. 

These pants have a reinforced front panel so guys can tuck away their bits for a more streamlined silhouette. 


If you want that feminine look without months of growing out your hair, you’ll need a good wig. This is your chance to become the woman you have always dreamt of, whether a fiery redhead, a sexy blonde or a seductive brunette. 

Once that hairpiece is firmly on your head, you’ll instantly transform into your female persona, bringing all the sass to the room. 

Get your hands on some sexy crossdressing clothes here to really complete the look.
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