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How To Get Out Of A Sexual Slump

by Sarah A 19 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut or like you are starting to lose that spark during sex that you used to have?

You are far from the only one, particularly after a somewhat enforced abstinence for many couples over the past few years, or a time when many partners spent extended periods of time with each other that they were not used to.

Most relationships that last go through times of complacency, where that spark and spontaneity have dulled somewhat.

Whilst it can feel dispiriting in the moment when you and your partner seem to be on different sexual wavelengths, all of the aspects of your relationship that kept you together can also help you not only break out of a sexual funk but have a better sex life than ever before.

Know You Are Not Alone

Many, if not most couples go through a period where they do not have as much sex as they would like, and it is important not to compare your experience to other people’s.

If you do not have a lot of sex but you are happy and really enjoy it when you do, that’s not a slump.

Instead, it is all about when you want more but for whatever reason you are left wanting.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

If you have been in a relationship long enough to feel a slump, you have also been in one long enough to understand the vital importance of communication.

In far too many cases, the reason why couples are having less sex is not because either of you are feeling less horny, but because neither person wants to take the lead in case the other person isn’t feeling the same way.

Talking about how you feel, what you love about your sex life, what you want more of and your fantasies will help to boost their confidence, and help them understand that it’s fine to be open as well.

Sometimes you’ll be amazed by how much you learn, and have an excuse to bring out sexy clothing and toys for next time if that is what you both want.

Explore Yourself 

Sometimes you have to go it alone, and whilst masturbation is fantastic for obvious reasons, it is also an excellent opportunity to learn about yourself, what your body responds to and what types of feelings you enjoy.

You know your body best, and once you explore what makes you tick, you are ready to enjoy sex on a different level.

Focus On The Journey

Orgasms are incredible, mindblowing at times and refreshing in others, but they are far from the only aspect of sex that matters.

That build-up of pleasure, foreplay and all of the sensual experiences that come with sex are just as important as the climax itself.

Worrying about orgasming or making your partner orgasm can cause people to rush when they should just relax and enjoy the moment, with no pressure and no worries.

This can go all the way back to the foreplay and that anticipation of sex as well.

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