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How To Bring Back Intimacy To A Long-term Relationship

by Sarah A 30 Oct 2023 0 Comments

There are many comforts to being in a long-term relationship - you can truly be yourself; you have someone there for you whenever you need it; and you always have a buddy to watch your favourite shows with.

But most of us need something a bit more exciting, so even after being in a relationship with someone for many years, it is important not to neglect intimacy. 

If it has been a long time since you enjoyed some kinky time in the bedroom, it can feel awkward trying to reignite a sexual spark with your partner, which is why these tips might help. 

Sit down and talk

Although this doesn’t sound very arousing, many people find it easier to sit and talk about their sexual preferences or what is holding them back in the bedroom when they are still fully clothed. 

According to relationship charity Relate: “Having a conversation about how you would like your sex life to be is the first step towards doing things differently.”

Avoid sexual activity at first

Even if you want nothing more than getting back to lovemaking, it is important to start slowly if it has been a long time. 

At first, make a rule to stop at just kissing and touching, so you don’t feel pressure to go all the way, which can cause people to freeze up and put an end to any affection at all. 

Only once you are used to being sensual together can you think about going further again. 

Switch up old habits

When you are both ready to be intimate with each other, it could help to change your old love making habits. 

Always do it in the bedroom? Why not try the sofa instead? Do you always get jiggy before bedtime? Why not take the day off work and enjoy some daytime action instead?

A change in your old sexual routine could be enough to make it more exciting and reignite a spark between the two of you. 

Sex toys

At the same time, don’t be afraid to add some sex aids into the mix. Adult sex toys, for instance, can help arouse sexual feelings and, of course, make it difficult not to climax.

So, even if you or your partner are a bit shy or reticent to go all the way, it’ll be hard to resist when using a vibrator or cockring that really gets you going. 

These toys aren’t just for self-pleasure nowadays, as there are plenty of couples vibrators on the market, while handcuffs and bondage toys, lingerie, sexy dressing up clothes, and fetish accessories can remind you what you’ve both been missing all this time. 

The trick is to get shagging again, as once you start, the enjoyment of sex and the intimacy between you and your partner is sure to come quickly. 

And if you need blindfolds, dildos, and kinky corsets to help bring that spark back, it’ll certainly be worth it! 

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