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Butt Plugs: How Straight People Can Use Them

by Sarah A 08 Jun 2023 0 Comments

Butt plugs are something that many gay men are very familiar with. They can be inserted into the rectum to stimulate nerve endings and provide pleasure, press against the prostate for extra pleasure or simply stretch the opening to make the insertion of a penis easier and more comfortable.

However, it is a myth that they are just used for gay sex or male pleasure. They are most commonly used for that purpose, it is true. But they can also be used by straight couples as well to spice up things in their own bedrooms. With a sex plug anal experiences of all sorts are possible.

An obvious example of that is if a woman wants to use them on her man and give him a new experience, such as a prostate orgasm, or perhaps stretch him out before pegging with a strap-on.

However, it can also be used on a woman in anal play as well. What is often not appreciated is that, just as a butt plug can stimulate the prostate, which means it can place pressure through the vaginal wall on the G-spot. This can provide extra pleasure for a woman as it is stimulated and potentially bring an amazing orgasm.

This also applies to the A-spot, which lies a little bit deeper than the G-spot. In both cases we are dealing with a bundle of nerves that respond to extra pressure, so this can do great things for them. 

Indeed, this can help get a lady going and ensure she has already hit the big O before you actually penetrate her vaginally, so it takes some of the pressure off a guy and may also make it easier for her to enjoy multiple orgasms.

Another obvious benefit is that anal play can help simply turn a woman on massively, whichever entrance you are going to penetrate afterwards. And if it is anal you are going for, the same stretching benefits of the butt plug will work for her as well, ensuring a more dilated passage can comfortably accommodate what is coming.

The great thing about butt plugs is they are designed with a flared head to stop them getting stuck in the back passage, unlike many other things that only a commitment to patient confidentiality will stop hospital staff from revealing after a few drinks.

At the same time, there are of course a few things to remember. As ever, they need to be cleaned afterwards to remove any poop and germs that might be on them. Furthermore, lots of lube will be needed (but then, when isn’t it?) and you shouldn’t use them if you have any issues down there like anal fissures or piles.

Of course, all these things equally apply to gay men, but they will (unless young and undergoing formative experiences) usually be used to all things anal, including using plugs and other toys. For many straight couples, however, this will be a novelty, a chance to try something kinky and new and perhaps find new routes to pleasure. Get some plugs today and give them a try.

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