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A Butt Plug Guide for Everyone

by Lucy SEO 02 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Why are butt plugs becoming so popular? Well to start they’re versatile and are one of the very few sex toys that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of previous anal experience, gender, orientation or genitality.

You can use them alone or with a partner, to safety train and expand your sexual repertoire. There are options for beginner’s butt plugs if your new to anal play, or for those more experienced in anal fun, you can opt for extreme, large and inflatable butt plugs. There’s also the option to go hands-free with remote controlled butt plugs, or you can add some extra stimulation with vibrating plugs too.

Now to help you decide which butt plug is for you, I’ve created this guide to delve into each type of plug in more detail. Hopefully you will be able to decide whether or not it’s the right anal toy for you, based on the information.

But first, what is a butt plug and what does it do?

You need to know what a butt plug is and its purpose before you consider using one. They’re inserted into the anus to provide a stretching or fulfilling sensation that helps you to get more aroused which increases sexual sensitivity to help provide a stronger orgasm.

For a man, they can offer an essential prostate stimulation (male g-spot) to increase sexual arousal and orgasm. While for women they add penetration and pressure to the vaginal walls, which helps to heighten the experience and makes climax stronger and more frequent. They make the vaginal walls tighter which makes the sensation feel better for both the woman and her partner.

Now we understand what butt plugs are used for, let’s look at each one and what they do specifically.

Beginners butt plugs

Butt plugs for beginners are perfectly shaped, sized and the right texture to fulfil your fantasies, whilst getting the body aroused and ready for bigger toys and firmer action. They feature a flared base at the bottom to stop them from getting stuck or sucked inside your anus.

The anus has a clench mechanism so when something is inserted, it automatically clenches causing it to suck in whatever’s there. As the anus is intended to release (poo) it has muscles built in for clenching. People often visit A&E after using household items as an anal sex toy because they don’t have anything to stop the suction. Be careful if you’re looking to DIY it at home, rather you invest in a sex toy to avoid the embarrassing trip to the hospital.

Beginners butt plugs are also used as prep for more exhaustive anal action, allowing the body to be prepared safely and slowly as they loosen your anal muscles. Even though these plugs are small and easier to insert, they should always be used with lube as your anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina does. They come in a fantastic variety, not only do they make your sexual experience better but they can also look good too, with jeweled bases or novelty tails to add extra sex appeal.

Remote Controlled Butt Plugs

Remote controlled butt plugs can be used alone or with a partner and provide close-distance and long-distance range, where you can control the butt plug from an app on your phone or a remote control device. You don’t have to compromise on your sex life, as these anal toys means you and your partner can keep to social distancing rules. They can add extra excitement to the bedroom as you allow your partner to take control of the butt plug, who can increase or slow down the settings to enable a longer-lasting climax.

They are usually rechargeable and wireless, so if you want to use your hands elsewhere you have the freedom to do so! It gives men a nice treat as they can focus on stimulating their penis whilst having the P-spot stimulated at the same time!


Vibrating Butt Plugs

For men, the anus has a ton of nerve-endings and a p-spot of its very own, that when touched and stimulated properly, can create mind-blowing orgasms. When vibrations are added this can feel even better, you’ll find its why many women love vibrators and why men are currently loving vibrating butt plugs.

Like prostate massagers, they stimulate the prostate but send tingling vibrations that add extra pleasure. By doing this, they lead to full-body orgasms rather than localized orgasms that are just felt around the penis.

For women, a vibrating butt plug can transcend the thrilling vibrations through every nerve ending of your own to provide a stronger climax when being penetrate. You can use them whilst having intercourse, add in an extra sex toy in to stimulate your clitoris at the same time, and there you have an orgasmic 3-way combination to send you to the heavens

Inflatable butt plugs

Inflatable butt plugs are a great option if you’re looking to use your anal toy for stretching purposes, they allow you to pump and inflate the device to however big you want it to go. That not only helps you to stretch your anus and muscles but also provides a profound amount of pleasure. These type of butt plugs are usually in a phallic shape and resemble the look and feel of a real penis to give you a more life-like experience. As they’re inflatable, they can be easy to insert too, but remember to always use lube! We found the brand M&K to have the most versatile range as they differ in size so you can work yourself up to the bigger stuff.

Large Butt Plugs

Now, if you’re new to anal play, I’d recommend you opt for something on the smaller side to begin with, large butt plugs are by no means for the newcomers. They are however extremely satisfying to those who are experienced in bum fun and love a new challenge. You will find the more experienced you do get with anal toys; the small ones will no longer cut it and you’ll want to increase in size as you progress. I have found the large butt plugs on Nice ‘n’ Naughty to have a wide variety of options for Large butt plugs such as Electrosex ones that allow you to experience powerful pelvic floor contractions caused by the erotic tingle’s electrostimulation creates. They have large jewelled butt plugs and offer M&K which has different sized large plugs so you can work yourself up.

Novelty Tail Butt Plugs

These cute and sexy butt plugs are for everyone, particularly those who are into fantasy sex and role play. They’re just like normal butt plugs, as they tend to be small in size with a flared base at the bottom. They are usually meta material and they feature a tail at the end. The tail as you can imagine right now, sticks out of your butt to look like a fury animal, but there are all types of different tails you can buy from cats to foxes, bunny tails to pony tails. You find many people who love the tail butt plugs have an entire collection so they can pull out any of their choosing to fit the mood and occasion. They not only feel great when they’re inserted but they look good for your partner to and can really spice things up!

If you’re still unsure whether or not to buy a butt plug, why not find yourself a beginner one that won’t break the bank. So, if it’s not for you, you haven’t lost much in the process and it’s always better to have tried than never at all! Have a browse through other anal toys too, see if any take your fancy.

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