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Why Great Orgasms Are Not Just For Younger Women

by Sarah A 01 Mar 2024 0 Comments

If anyone thinks that sex is just a behind-closed-doors thing, they should see some of the medical literature out there. No, it’s not quite Fifty Shades of Gray, but there is some important stuff out there highlighting why not everyone is having as much fun in the bedroom as they might - but also how this can be fixed.

US-based medical digest Medscape had its say on this recently under the headline: ‘Where have My Orgasms Gone?’ Sex Medicine and Older Women.

It began by reminding folk that some of those with the most liberal attitudes to sex are those in their 80s and 90s now, having grown up in the 1960s, whereas women growing up in the 90s were influenced by the reality check provided by AIDS and (at least in the US) the purity culture movement. This applies to everything from masturbation to kinky forms of sex.

Indeed, it quoted masturbation advocate Betty Dodson, who died in 2002 at the age of 91, as saying: "Masturbation will get you through childhood, puberty, romance, marriage, and divorce, and it will see you through old age."

Even so, many are hampered as they get older by problems like vaginal dryness and hormonal changes. There was a warning that penetrative sex might not just be less fun when it’s dry down there, but lead to infections too.

That is where some silicone lubricant can make a big difference. The lube itself will ensure everything is kept nice and wet, as well as ensuring that couples can go on having fun - something that will always be a bit limited by masturbation, no matter how enjoyable that is.

Silicone lube is great for people of all ages. Indeed, it’s important for younger folk especially because it does not degrade the rubber in condoms (unlike oil-based lube), so it isn’t a problem for those concerned both about STDs and birth control.

The second of these won’t be an issue for older women, but don’t be certain that STDs never are, especially if you and your partner have been around the block a bit.

Even if condoms are not needed, however, there is no doubt lube can make a huge difference. It does not just moisturise, but adds comfort at a time when the vaginal walls are thinner than they used to be.

Where silicone lube can be an issue is if you are using silicone sex toys. Yes, being old doesn’t stop you from bringing a few extra items into the bedroom and these might just add some additional fun when you don’t have the physical energy. But this form of lube can damage silicone toys, so an alternative would be required in such cases.

The ultimate take-home message is that having a lot of candles on your last birthday cake does not mean you have nothing to do but wait to drop off the twig. Sure, maybe you can take up crochet or do more gardening in your spare time. But don’t neglect your own personal garden; there’s still lots of fun to be had down there in later life.

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