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Top Picks For Sexy Lingerie This Valentine’s Day

by Sarah A 12 Feb 2024 0 Comments

There’s one thing you can guarantee will happen on Valentine’s Day and that is there will be plenty of bedroom action going on up and down the country. 

So, if you want to make February 14th a sexual experience to remember, why not buy some sexy lingerie that will make you feel, and look, your best?

Here is our pick of the top lingerie sets to get if you want to spice things up on Valentine’s Day.

Candy pink

Red might be synonymous with love, but pink is a softer colour to go for that still oozes sex appeal. 

There’s something very innocent about pink lingerie, particularly babydolls or satin chemises, making you feel gorgeous and naughty at the same time. 

Finish it with a sexy satin kimono for the ultimate luxurious set. 


Lacy underwear has been sexy since forever, so you can’t go wrong by buying a matching bra and thong set in the fabric. 

Whether you go for a classic black, a raunchy red, or a bridal white, you will look sensational in your Spanish-inspired lingerie. 

To really elevate your outfit, why not get a pair of sheer stockings with a lace trim at the top?

Less is more

While there are some sexy pieces of underwear that don’t leave much to the imagination, sometimes the ‘less is more’ approach works really well in the bedroom. 

You don’t need to flash all your skin to look the business, which is great news for ladies who aren’t that confident in skimpy bras and panties. A lace bodysuit, a basque with matching pants, or a mini dress can look just as sexy as something more intimate. 

Don’t forget how hot stockings can look, particularly when worn with a pair of sky-high heels, proving that sometimes keeping something to yourself can be sexier.


Bodysuits aren’t just a great lingerie choice because they reveal less flesh than skimpier underwear - they are also fantastic at holding everything in and creating a gorgeous silhouette.

If you want your curves to look like Kim Kardashian’s, wear a body that hugs you in just the right places. They can accentuate your chest, trim your waist, and make your legs look taller and slimmer simply from the way they are cut. 

Your partner won’t know what hit them when they see you in the figure-hugging piece, and won’t be able to resist taking it off! 

Go hell for leather

Some couples might want to take their sexual adventures to the next level on Valentine’s Day, in which case getting your hands on some bondgage gear could be the answer.

A leather corset, wetlook stockings, patent thigh-high boots or strappy platform sandals could be a great way to satisfy your partner's fetish. 

Don’t forget to grab some other bondage essentials for your first experience, from blindfolds to door jam cuffs and, of course, handcuffs. 

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