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The Power of The Pill – Whats the deal with Herbal Erection Pills

by Trish Murray 13 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Ok; so, we have all heard of Viagra and what it does. But what if you can’t take them because of their side effects, or would prefer something that is more natural, rather than chemical to put into your body.

Or it may be because you don’t want to discus your medical issues with a stranger, and you don’t want your partner to know you’re having “problems”.

Whatever the reason, herbal erection alternatives come into their own and are there to help your best friend perform the best he can. I know Nice ‘n’ Naughty have a few different brands, like Extra StrongMaximum Virility and Bull Blood, to name but 3, but what’s the deal with them.

What do they do, what’s in them and are there side effects? Why should I go with a herbal pill over the “real deal”, and will they affect other meds I’m on?

I've been doing them for donkey's so let's see if I can’t answer some of these questions and give you an insight into why I’ve been doing them so long, and prefer them over the real deal.

What do they do and how do you take them?

The simple answer to the first part is they help with the erection, but it is a little more complicated than them just giving you a boner!

These are designed to work with the body, so when you are stimulated, be it mentally or physically, they kick in and do their job, opening the blood vessels and helping with the natural flow of blood to your penis, thus creating a better, harder, stronger erection. Simple!

And when should you take them? Usually between 30 minutes and an hour before you want the desired effect. One thing to remember, if they are a capsule, the shell must dissolve before the ingredients can get to work, so a tablet version may work quicker, but always check what the packet says. The other thing to note is that some work better on an empty stomach, but as with before, what does it say on the packet!

What’s In Them?

All the pills Nice ‘n Naughty stock have a different mix of herbs, making them all slightly different, and because of this, you need to find the mix that works for you. However almost all of the erection pills Nice 'n' Naughty have contain a form of Gingko Biloba or Ginseng, whether its Panax, Radix, or plain old Asian Ginseng Root. And what are these herbs I hear you ask.

Both herbs have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years, and I know from a friend who spends 6 months of the year living in Chang Mai, the locals all use ginseng for a better sex life. So to the science.

Ginseng is a herb that is rich in antioxidants and research suggests that it may offer benefits for erectile disfunction amongst many other benefits.

Ginkgo Biloba is also an ancient plant native to China that has been used for hundreds of years and in traditional Chinese medicine where it was used to open “channels of energy”.

Both these herbs have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. According to research, compounds found in Ginseng may protect against oxidative stress in the blood vessels and tissues of the penis to help restore normal function and Asian Ginseng has an invigorating effect.

Additional studies showing that both herbs can promote the production of nitric oxide, a compound that improves muscle relaxation in the penis and increases blood circulation. Nitric Oxide is responsible for dilating the blood vessels, improving the circulation, and getting the blood to where it needs to be.

That’s why you generaly find one or the other, or both in the ingredients list of Herbal Erection Pills and Capsules!

Are There Side Effects?

As with all “medications” there may be side effects, other than the desired stiffness.  There are few that Nice ‘n’ Naughty know of or have been told about over the years and I know I get warm ears with the ones I use!

The side effects Nice ‘n’ Naughty have been told most about over the years of selling them are heartburn or headaches, but the guys have either Rennie’s or paracetamol at the ready because "a little heartburn was worth the effect the pills made to their erection". The alternative was to try a different mix, to find the one that suited them. Other side effects can include back pain, nasal congestion, blurred or double vision or heart palpitations, but these ones are not as common.

Why is Herbal better?

For me, the side effects of Viagra were just too much. Within an hour of taking one, my nasal passage was completly blocked, feeling like I had the worst head cold, and then the following day the worst leg cramps, but with the herbals, I just get warm ears, and I know I can pick up a pack of the herbals up without any fuss, and anyone else knowing!

Another benefit of finding the one that works for you, because they are a herbal mix they should still do their job if you are thinking of taking other things, like alcohol or anything else that helps you get in the party mode.

Will they affect medications I’m already on?

Now this one is one I can’t answer, its one for your doc! I’m on a couple of regular ones and have no problem with taking them with my pills. If you are on any medications, it’s never a bad thing to check first, but the ones that I would definitely advise you checking up on before doing any herbals are anti-depressants, anti-inflammatory, blood thinners, diabetes, and heart medications.

Why do I do them?

As I’ve said, in the past I’ve done Viagra but suffered with awful side effects, and for the last 10 plus years I’ve been doing the Extra Strong brand that Nice ‘n’ Naughty do and have always found them to do what they need to do. Its one less thing to worry about, especially when a beer or 2 is involved. I take 1 about 30 minutes before I need it, and it gives me the confidence to know it’s all going to work. Sometimes, especially at the age I am now; (let’s just say I’m the wrong side of young) a man needs some help with his erection, and the knowledge that when he wants to perform he can, without the worry or stress that comes with the act of performing!

I know I have had many a good night on them, especially when it’s a weekender, and I know for me 1 capsule generally lasts in the system a good 24 hours, so be careful if you have had a weekend of them. I remember a friend telling me he had done 3 over 3 nights, and had work the following day, and he was stuck behind his desk all day, because as soon as he thought of something from the nights before, BOING! His boner was back, and he had to sit and wait for it to go down or shock his co-workers!


So, there you have it, herbal Viagra’s, little blue pills, erection enhancers, or what ever you wish to call them, finding the one that suits your body really does help.

So the next time you think you could do with a hand, try one. I know I have never regretted the first time I did, and always make sure I have a pack in the bedside drawer, just in case.


Check out Nice ‘n’ Naughty’s range of Male Herbal Erection Enhancers and Pills here.

They also do Herbals for Females too, and their Orgasm Creams and Enhancers can be found here.

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