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Let’s All Wear It Pink This October 21st

by Trish Murray 17 Oct 2022 0 Comments

Let’s All Wear It Pink This October 21st


Wear It Pink with Nice 'n' Naughty 2022


Following on from our blog post that looked at Inflammatory Breast Cancer, and as we are in Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we wanted to share a little about another charity we are supporting this year, Breast Cancer Now and their Wear It Pink Day.

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing bright colours, and have a few pink items of clothing in the wardrobe, including a polo shirt in the hottest of hot pinks. Who says pink is just for girls!

What is Wear it Pink:

Wear It Pink with Nice 'n' Naughty 2022

One of Breast Cancer Now’s biggest fundraising events Wear It Pink has been going for more than 20 years, raising over £37 million for their invaluable research and care. On October 21st this year we will see the day turn pink, as people across the UK and beyond wear pink to show support and raise not only awareness for Breast Cancer, but also vital funding for the charity.

Wear it Pink day enables the charity to support men and women who have Breast Cancer, and are currently focusing on the challenge of people being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, with over 11,000 people dying each year, their Unsurvivors campaign has already helped GP’s spot the cancer earlier, secured a secondary breast cancer audit in England & Wales and through sharing the experiences of the people who have suffered has lead to new medication being made available to the Cancer Drugs Fund. 

We Wear Pink:

Nice ‘n’ Naughty will be joining the campaign this October too with all of the team joining in on the day, in our Head Office and the stores in Chester and Warrington, where we will all be wearing pink and raising funds for Breast Cancer Now, with pictures to follow in an update on how well we did with our fundraising.

About The Charity:

In 2019 two of the biggest breast cancer charity’s joined forces to form the charity you see today. Breast Cancer Care united with Breast Cancer Now, bringing together a rich heritage of breast cancer research and care, and the knowledge to make a real difference for real people who are affected by breast cancer daily.

Wear It Pink with Nice 'n' Naughty 2022

The charity helps fund over 300 of the brightest minds in breast cancer research, discovering life saving treatments and ways to prevent breast cancer, ensuring lives are lived to the full.

Help is Here:

No mater who you are, Breast Cancer is horrible, there is no other way to say it. But what isn’t horrible, is the support you can get from charities like Breast Cancer Now and Inflammatory Breast Cancer UK amongst others, where you can talk and discuss your concerns and worries with other people who know exactly what you are feeling, as they have felt it too. You are not alone, and you don’t have to fight it on your own.

Remember, early detection of breast cancer is vital, as the earlier it is diagnosed the better the chance of recovery, and its easy to check yourself for any tell tail signs.

A Helping Hand:

Wear It Pink with Nice 'n' Naughty 2022

The old saying a little love goes a long way and a little self-love, especially when thinking of breast cancers, is a great way to spot the signs early, and we should be checking our bodies regularly…

Next time you decide to have a little stroke, whether solo or with a partner, spend some time caressing the boobs and make a mental note of how they feel. Then each time after, see if there are any changes that feel a little bit different, and if it’s your partners boobs, make sure you tell them!

We know our bodies better than anyone at the end of the day!

Ladies, and Gentlemen, as breast cancer can affect us all, and we should be checking our breasts every month. For the ladies that can, the best time to do a self-check is 2 – 3 days after a period. For all us others, pick a date that you will remember! And if you notice anything irregular, contact your local GP straight away. Remember earlier detection is key in the fight for survival!

Wear It Pink with Nice 'n' Naughty 2022

Survivors of the Storm:

Though breast cancer is devastating to those who have to deal with it, it does have a great survival rate, with recent figures showing the survival rate has doubled over the last 40 years, thanks to the research being carried out by medical professionals, which would not be possible without the support of these important charities

Overall survival rates have gone from 40% to 78% in the last 40 years, with 76% of people surviving breast cancer for 10 years or more.

Check out Cancer Research statistics here.

Join us for a Pinker Future.

So on October the 21st Nice ‘n’ Naughty will Go Pink across our stores and website, why not join us, and help raise funds for this incredible charity. You can sign up for your own Wear It Pink fundraising event here, or if you prefer, donations to Breast Cancer Now can be made here.

Don’t forget to check out a future blog for how well we did in our fundraising on the day, and pictures of us all, looking resplendent in pink, but until then, keep fondling those boobs!

Love all at Team Nice ‘n’ Naughty


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