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How much do you know about Squirting?

by Lucy SEO 14 Jul 2021 0 Comments

We’re not talking about orgasms; squirting is completely different to an orgasm.

Today we’re going to discuss female ejaculation and what exactly is squirting.


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 Just like an orgasm, squirting can feel great for women and can be an incredibly intense feeling.

Most women squirt during the early stages of their arousal. There’s a common misconception that squirting comes from the peak of pleasure, when in actual fact it occurs as the pleasure starts to build continuously.

It is possible to squirt and have an orgasm at the same time, School Of Squirt has found that around 20% who squirt will have an orgasm at the same time.


 Squirting is a clear fluid that comes out of the urethra, not the vagina.

Squirting doesn’t mean that it will shoot out, in fact the fluid will ooze out instead.

Women have reported a warm feeling that continues to build and then as they let go, feel a great sense of relief and intensity.

 Fun fact: Most women have discovered squirting accidentally.


 Squirting is completely different from female ejaculation.

They are two different things that come from two different places.

Squirting is a clear fluid whist ejaculation is a thicker and almost white milky fluid.  

 A 2011 study found that female ejaculate contains some of the same components as semen, including prostate specific antigen (PSA) and prostatic acid phosphatase.

Fun Fact: Some women refer to squirting as ejaculation.


 This is a common question many women ask about squirting.

The female ejaculation occurs when fluid is expelled from the urethral opening during arousal or orgasm, this does not mean its necessarily urine.

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Squirting is completely normal, and half of women have experienced squirting.

 School Of Squirt says 40% of women can easily squirt, but you need to feel comfortable and relaxed.

There are practical methods that can help you get there, and we aren’t just talking about using the right lubes, and luxury vibrators. We’re talking about ways your partner can help you achieve squirting.

There are specifically designed sex toys for couples that you can purchase from your local sex toy shop or by going online. 

If you would like to find out more about squirting and the best techniques, head over to School Of Squirt, who provide video lessons to help with your sex life. 


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 How much do you know about squirting?

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