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Have An Orgasm For A Peaceful Sleep!

by Sarah A 05 Jul 2023 0 Comments

Getting a peaceful night’s sleep could all ride on having a wild time in the bedroom.

While you might have thought all that activity would give you an adrenaline high, orgasming with a partner actually helps you sleep faster and better. 

A study in the Journal of Sleep Research says as much after 224 participants answered questions about their sleep and sex life. 

It revealed those who had partnered sex and achieved an orgasm were more likely to have decreased sleep latency, meaning they fell asleep more quickly, and increased sleep quality. 

The study also showed the importance of having an orgasm during bedroom antics, as: “Sexual activity without orgasm was retrospectively reported to negatively affect sleep.”

Therefore, if you aren’t satisfied, you could end up having a worse night’s sleep than usual! 

For this reason alone, it is important to make sure your partner achieves an orgasm during sex. There are many ways to help improve sexual pleasure, including role play, wearing sexy knickers or lingerie, or using sex toys. 

There are a number of great sex products on the market these days, including a huge variety of dildos, vibrating cock rings, anal sex plugs, and remote control love egg. 

You can get toys you can control remotely, which helps with couples who are separated by distance; ones you use yourself; and ones that work best in homosexual relationships. 

Whatever you choose to use, it could make the difference to your sex life, which will, in turn, improve your sleep and make you feel more refreshed, alert and alive. 

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