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Fleshlight: The Best Male Masturbator?

by Trish Murray 16 Dec 2022 0 Comments

Ok, so it’s a big question, but one I can answer, or at least give my view on. And in my humble opinion, the answer would have to be yes, the Fleshlight probably is the best hand held, non-automatic masturbator there is.

Why do I think that? Well, let’s break it down into the what’s, the how’s, and the why’s, staring with the ‘What’.

What is a Fleshlight?

Ok so this is the big section of the read, but it does give you all the insights, and if you have ever thought about getting one, it may just help you decide on which!

Fleshlight is a brand of male masturbator that is designed to create sensations that replicate the real thing.  Its original shape took the form of a flashlight (that’s a torch to you and me), giving the name to the toy.

The original was designed by a man back in 1995. His wife was pregnant, and he was unfortunate to suffer with an extremely high sex drive, I know, poor man! So the prototype was born, and the toy you see today was developed in 1997

The outer shell is made of an abs plastic, with a removable cap to reveal the inner fun, and a screw threaded base with ventilation holes that allow you to control the amount of air passing through; which in turn controls the suction of the toy.

With a variety of designs, from the standard, to the Fleshlight Go, which is slightly shorter, to the Pilot, which is the shortest in the range of suction controllable. But there is also the Fleshlight Quickshot, which is the smallest toy in the range. This one is open ended to allow you to slide it along the shaft, popping out the end!

The inner sleeve is where the magic happens though!

Made from high quality body safe materials, the openings are replicated on vaginal, anal or oral openings, but there are also gender-neutral designs like the Fleshlight Go Torque or the Fleshlight Turbo.

And if that wasn’t enough, you then have the inner cores, with specially designed channels, some based on real anatomical features, but all featuring mind blowing textures to pleasure anyone with a penis.

You have a choice of solid-coloured outer shells with pink tone inners in the basic range, clear outer shells with clear inners in the Ice range, or for something extra special look at the Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys range, where you will find pearlized finished outer shells, with realistic skin toned inners, and replica openings moulded on the actual porn starts themselves, including dongs of the male stars for some penetrative fun, and they all not only look real, but feel it too.

So; How do you use a Fleshlight?

As already mentioned, a Fleshlight is a hand-held masturbation toy, but there is a way to optimize the sensations your Fleshlight can give you.

The inner is made from a specific material which feels the most realistic when you have warmed it first. You can do this by either removing the inner sleeve and sitting it in a bowl of hot water, or by using the specially designed Fleshlight warming stands, which feature a heated rod that fits the length of the shaft. Lets face it here, us humans are not cold, and when you enter a person, unless they have been sucking on or playing with ice-cubes for 5 minutes, you are going to be entering a warm orifice, so why would you not warm up your Fleshlight too!

Once warmed, add your favourite water-based lubricant, open the air valve at the opposite end, and slide in. Once fully inserted, adjust the valve to reduce the air flow. By closing the valve completely, you have created a vacuum inside, so when you try to pull out, you will feel yourself being pulled back in, like someone is sucking really hard to keep you in there.

By adjusting the valve as you play, you will created varied sensations, as if muscles are gripping your member and giving you the ride of your life.

For hands free, slip the torch between the mattress and bed base, slide between some books in the book case, or use the shower mount that you can attach to any non-porous surface. And remember, because all the materials are waterproof, you can use your Fleshlight in the bath or shower as well as the lounge, bedroom, kitchen, garden…

But please don’t forget the aftercare!

After use, make sure you flush it through with warm water, to clear out any foreign bodies(!) then use a good anti-bacterial toy cleaner, following the specific instructions for this, and then let air dry. Once dry, apply a renewing powder to maintain the soft touch finish you know and love.

Fleshlight have a complete range of lubricants, toy cleaner and accessories, specifically designed for use with their fabulous products; but you can use other brands of lube, toy cleaner and renewing powder, as long as you do!

Why use a Fleshlight?

Well let’s face it, most blokes haven’t a thought above their naval, and I am including myself in this. I know, being a chap of a certain age, I too am thinking of doing it more often than not, and sometimes the partner doesn’t want it, that is if you’re in a relationship, or if not, you can’t find a FB to play with, or the fact you are wanting something more realistic than your hand!

This is where the Fleshlight becomes your most prized toy.

But its not just a “solo” toy, you can use one to edge yourself or a partner for a mind-blowing orgasm and there is also stamina training designs that will help train the user last longer.

Plus, if you go with one from the Ice range, not only can you see everything that is going on inside, but it also makes your member look bigger!

I treated myself to my first Fleshlight because I was single, and though I liked to mingle, there were times when I wanted some fun without the hassle, but still wanted to feel something more real than my right hand. And let me tell you, I’m so glad I did.

Though I’m in a relationship now, and have been for a few years, we still get one of the Fleshlight’s out for some fun, we have a collection now, and they really are the best masturbator toys we own!

When it comes to it, you really can’t beat the feeling of a Fleshlight!

Have fun


Check out the full range here.

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