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Do You Sell Poppers? Your Popper Questions Answered

by Trish Murray 23 Mar 2024 0 Comments

At Nice ‘n’ Naughty, we have lots of people sending us messages and emails in regards to the liquid that is poppers, and the most asked is do we sell them!

Well, here we go with some answers to questions we have had, including Do we sell Poppers?,  and we thought it was time to share with the group! So, to the most asked question first:

Do you sell poppers?

Well, we do; and we don’t!

We do in our bricks and Mortar stores, and they have a vast range of “room odourises” that will prickly your senses and make you feel all hot and fuzzy all over! However, we do not sell poppers on our online website, but we can recommend a fabulous website that we know will help fulfil your needs Online Poppers

What type of Poppers do the shops sell?

The shops have lots of different brands, from classics like Liquid Gold, Rush and English, (that have been going almost as long as Cher) to the new kids on the block such as Berlin Hard, BB, Rush Black Label and Amsterdam XXX! The shops sell both Isopropyl (the original) and Pentyl (the new one) and both types have a very loyal customer base.

Which should I buy?

Now that is going to have to be your choice as we all react differently to them, with one label feeling stronger to one person than it does to another. But I will say, Isopropyl are considered the less strong, though they still deliver a punch, and Pentyl the strongest!

What do they do?

So, if you’ve just asked if we sell them, then you probably already know what they do, but if you’re new to poppers and looking to try, here goes! They are designed to speed up the heart rate, by thinning the blood, and making a certain anal muscle relax more, so it’s ready to accomadate! As well as these effects, it could also give you a warm head rush.

They can, however, also turn that head rush into an internal head thump, which some of us don’t appreciate! If this is you, just close the lid and get some fresh air! Remember, after all they are a chemical, so however you use, use responsibly!

Where can I get them online?

Ok, so if you’re not close to one of our fabulous Boutique by Nice ‘n’ Naughty shops, we would recommend looking at a site that we support, and who do have an incredible range of “aromas”.

Online Poppers have been selling aromas in the UK for over 20 years, and as an independent business they know their stuff. Shipping within the UK. Their range includes all the top brands of Pentyl and Isopropyl, and they also have some in an Amyl formula too! Amyl was the only one available when poppers first came out, and this new formula is almost as good as the original, so be warned!

They have even let us use a special discount code for our website customers who can’t get to one of or shops, so you can shop with then.

Simply use code OPUK10 and you can get 10% off your first order!

You can buy so many different brands of poppers, and as someone who has been doing them for a number of years, on and off, I know which I like, but am never afraid to try something new!

My go to at the moment is the pentyl, and the last bottle I opened was a BB, which I though was lush. But that’s just me, as my other half still prefers the English, despite trying a pentyl or 2, so you never know which one is going to rock your boat.

I’d say if you’re new to them, try an isopropyl or if you’re a well-versed user then try the pentyl!

But don’t forget to pop in a Boutique by Nice ‘n’ Naughty store to pick up a bottle or head over to our friends at Online Poppers to order from them and have a bottle or 2 shipped to you from their UK warehouse.

So, until the next time, happy shopping!


Nice ‘n’ Naughty

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