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A Guide to Penis Pumps

by Trish Murray 16 Sep 2022 0 Comments

A Guide to Penis Pumps.

The most asked questions we get around penis pumps are, are they safe? And, do they work?
Well in this ‘little’ blog we will discuss their uses, and how to get the best out of your pump.
So, let’s get started and cover the basics first.

What is a Penis Pump.

In its simplest form, it consists of a cylinder, closed at one end, with an attached pump. The pump can be a manual one, a bulb pump, like the ones you see on blood pressure bands, a trigger one that is more of a handle or grip that you close together, or an electric one for automated suction. The cylinder is placed onto the flaccid penis, and by holding the cylinder against the body, a seal is made. Hold the cylinder in one hand, and pump with the other, thus removing the air in the flask and replacing with penis as the gentle removal of air draws blood into the penis, creating an erection.

So that’s the basic, but how do you do know when to stop. The one piece of advice is to listen to your body and don’t go mad! As the old saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day! The more you use the pump, the better the result you will get, but initially, once you have a desired size from the pump, release the pressure and use a cock ring to help maintain the erection and keep the blood in the penis.

Pumping is a great way to help encourage an increase in the size of your crown jewels or strengthen your erections if you happen to suffer with weaker ones. But it can be a fun foreplay toy too. As the pump replicates the action of oral sex with the sucking, they can be a great way to add an extra dimension to masturbation and foreplay.

Oh and did we mention it helps keep your little man healthy? How, we hear you ask! Simply because the pumping encourages the flow of blood into the penis, so a regular use is a healthy workout for your best friend.

Types Of Pumps.

So, there are two main types of penis pumps, and both types ultimately do the same job, but if you are looking at using a pump to help encourage some additional growth in your penis, then it may well be worth thinking about the type of pump you use,

The two main types are air (vacuum) and water (hydro) pumps. The basic, original style of pump is the air pump, and is operated with a pump to draw the air out to create a vacuum, some with a pressure gauge some without, while its alternative is the water, or hydro pump, which starts by being filled with warm water and as the water is expelled, it is replaced with your penis. Each pump has its pros and cons, but ultimately, if you are choosing a pump, choose one that you feel comfortable in using, and fits with your lifestyle and needs.

So, to the Pro’s and Cons:

Air/Vacuum Pumps. The pros for the vacuum pump is this style of pump can be found in a basic forms as well as more elaborate versions, so range from about £20 up, and come with a choice of pumping mechanisms, from bulb to trigger to automatic, so there will be a version that suits you. You may have issues with joints and can’t work a bulb pump, so the automatic will be perfect. If you go with one with a guage, you can see the pressure you have inside, and the one you are comfortable with, so you have a guide to go back to next time.

However, the downside on vacuum pumps is the pressure inside the cylinder, as this may not always be even. Air pressure is unpredictable under pressure, we all know what its like when we hit turbulence, so just bear in mind, the pressure in the flask may cause the penis to bruise or bend. As I’ve already said, listen to your body, if you think you’ve gone too far, you probably have!

Water/Hydro Pumps. The pros for pumping with a hydro pump, the pressure around the penis will remain a constant, so no bending, and the water also acts as a cushion to the skin, holding and protecting. Another bonus is the water will make the skin more supple and susceptible to stretching. Using a hydro pump in the bath or shower after you have warmed the body with water for 5 minutes or so before using the pump will allow the blood to flow better and the skin to stretch much easier than it would with a vacuum pump.

And to the cons. Hydro pumps can only be used in a bath or shower, with a bath being easier. And you have to pump the water out by hand, there are no automatic versions, well not yet.

So that’s the basics on the types of pumps. So what’s next, well let’s look at which is the right one for you, the best way to pump and why!

Is Pumping Safe.

Regardless of the style of pump you decide on, yes, they are very safe to use.  When buying a pump, make sure the pump is a good quality one and you buy one from a reputable supplier, like us! If you are using one that you have had a while, make sure there are no cracks or chips and the release valve still works. Always make sure you follow the guidelines and instructions that come with your pump from the manufacture, and as before, listen to what your body is telling you!

Choosing the Right Pump.

When buying a pump, its important to make sure you buy the right size. Your ego may say “go for the biggest”, but if its too big, it wont work how you want it too, and remember, pumps aren’t really returnable if you’ve bought the wrong size, so make sure you choose right first time. So how do you know what size.

The size of the pump you need will be based on how big your erect penis is, so its important to measure it, and you will need length and girth to get the right pump.

For the length, press a ruler gently to your pelvic bone, and make a note of the length between your pelvis and the tip of your penis. The girth can be measured with a piece of string, wrap it around the widest part and put marks where it overlaps, then simply measure the distance with your ruler, giving you a more accurate measure than it would if you tried with a tape measure.

So now you know the size of your best friend, what size pump do you need? Ideally you need about 2 or 3 inches extra in length to your erection and space around to grow, and a good guide is between a ¼ and ½ inch space all around the penis. If pumping and your testicles go up into the pump, then its too big for your needs!

If you are looking to get a pump on medical advice, then go with the recommendations of the doctor, otherwise, take your measurements and look carefully at the product descriptions to make sure you get the right size. Remember, getting the right size is important. Too small and it may cause your penis to be sore, cause dry peeling skin, and it won’t allow it room to grow. Too big and you might be very disappointed with the results. A flask that is too big may not generate the pressure that’s right for the task, leaving you deflated!

Your Pump In Action.

So you have decided on air or water, you have measured you penis, and you have chosen your pump. Now to the use, and the best way to get the best out of it.

Using Your Pump Safely.

  1. Make sure you read the manufactures guidelines and recommendations, including the safety warnings, especially if you are on medications. If using on the doctors’ recommendations, follow their guidelines.
  2. Get to know how the pump works before you decide to use it, and make sure you know how to release the pressure, as each pump will have its own way to do this, and it will vary depending on brand or style.
  3. Check the pump you are using is the right size, and you know what size you need because you’ve done the all-important measuring, haven’t you!

Ok, so you are ready to go, one last thing though, don’t use your pump if you have had a beer or 2, or anything else that might impair your judgment. Remember what you are pumping is a delicate part of your body and demands care and attention, and its attention you may not be able to give if you have been stimulated with other things!

Right, your ready. Now relax! Give your body 5 minutes or so to relax before you pump. If it’s a hydro one, soak in the tub or have a nice shower, with your pump ready to use, but if it’s a vacuum pump a shower or bath will still be a benefit, as the warm water will soften the skin, allow your body to relax and allow your ball sack to drop out of the way. Remember, a relaxed body is a supple body!

Make sure you have both hands free to do what they need to do, and you have full mobility and strength, as there may be a point where you need to remove the cylinder if the pressure is too much, and you will want to do that as quickly as you can! If you suffer with hand mobility issues, make sure you are using a pump with a release mechanism that you can work easily, and if you are in any doubt, don’t!

The pump will need to create a seal at the base of the penis, and if you are hirsute, with a big ole man bush, you may have to trim some of the pubic hair to ensure a good fit and seal, also preventing it from getting plucked as it gets sucked upwards in the pump. If using an air pump, a little water-based lubricant around the base of the pump will help with the seal, which is not needed with a hydro one, but again check what the instructions say.

Make sure the valve on the pump is closed, and that you can easily get to it when needed, and insert your flaccid penis, making sure your testicles are clear and away from the base of the pump.

When pumping, do it slowly, checking the feel of the pressure between each “pump” making sure you are comfortable with the pressure as you go, and your penis has time to grow and adjust to the change in pressure. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

After 2-3 minutes of pumping, if your comfort levels allow, slowly release the pressure, and remove your penis, massaging it for a couple of minutes encouraging the flow of blood. By massage, we don’t mean masturbate, as you are attempting to keep the penis at this flaccid state. Reinsert your penis into the pump and repeat this twice more, making it 3 pumps, and about 15 minutes of time spent exercising your penis

Once completed, slip a cock ring around the base to help keep the pressure and blood in, but make sure you take off every 30 minutes or so to giving your man a break, or fully if you become at all uncomfortable.

Note: Male strippers commonly use penis pumps before they go on stage, to create a better manhood, that’s why they are big AND floppy; oh and strapped up!

Training Method.

A good rule of thumb to help with the encouragement of increase in size, is to do the 15-minute workout between 3 and 5 times a week, only once a day though, and depending on your body and the way it works, you may see visible improvement in around 6 to 8 weeks, but as with all “training”, to maintain any additional size you have to keep up with the regime.

To Conclude.

The above are general guidelines, as everybody’s body reacts and works differently. I’m not a doctor, just someone who has done research and talked to the manufacturers of different penis pumps over the years, during my 20 plus years of selling them. But I will say there are some definite don’ts with pumping, some common sense, others from what I have gleaned.

Don’t use with decreased sensitivity. You may create too much pressure and cause damage to the penis.

Don’t pump when erect. With an erect penis, the valve that allows the flow of blood in closes, to help keep the erecting there, and you need this valve to be open to allow a smooth flow of blood in and out.

Don’t pump if you have any broken skin. Remember you are stretching the penis and if the skin is broken you will be opening the cut more.

But more than anything, if you experience any pain that seems out of the ordinary or abnormal discolouration, you must seek medical assistance immediately.

So, there you have it. Big love and happy pumping, and if you have any questions about the pump’s Nice ‘n’ Naughty sell, speak to someone on live chat or email


In a recent MensHealth article the Bathmate HydroExtreme 7 ranked 2nd in their 9 Best Penis Pumps For Bigger, Harder and Stronger Erections article, quoting ‘Dreaming of a mighty appendage to rival Aquaman's? This bestselling penis pump harnesses the power of hydraulics to boost the length and girth of your flipper. What's more, with repeated use the brand maintains that sit can permanently engorge your erections. Simply slip your member inside, pump the hand valve and watch the water-based vacuum system transform your snail into a whale.

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